Why do people blog?

A blog is a portmanteau created from the words “web” and “log”. Initially when launched in the forms of online diaries around 12 years ago, it was a noun. But since then over the years it has gained enormous popularity in the internet world and has now also become a verb. “I blog!”. So now getting back to why people blog>? Blogging is still not well defined and should never and will never be. Its this randomness which makes it so fun to read and write!

Again there are many reasons and it differs from person to person. Everyone in today’s world is extraordinary. So we extraordinary beings always come across unusual happenings(such happenings aren’t rare) and this is blogged. Then there are some very normal users who blog about – what i did today? Actually speaking no ones interested in what normal things u did….people on internet are always looking for something great, new and spicy. There ain’t much spice here!

Then there are company/corporate blogs which are aimed primarily to acquaint people of what new have they come up with. Such blogs are really well hipped and these actually have millions of readers if the company is a big one. Consider the official Google blog. As soon as there is a new post, all social bookmark site users, digg users, etc.. make it a point to be famous by submitting the link on those sites to become famous in their field.

Then there are people who are always the first ones to visit the cinema and help the other lot of mankind who don’t by giving reviews. Yes, there exist many such bloggers who blog majorly about new movies, new sitcoms and any other new form of media. Not all these bloggers are first day first show viewers; many are smart enough to visit various news channel sites and movie rating sites and get a compiled version on their blog. This isn’t forgery or stealing but this is the trend these days.

Nowadays there are plenty of blogs which have compiled data from other sites and also from other blogs. They generally sound like – “Top 10 secrets of sleeping”, “Top 49 methods of annoying others”, etc.. These “top 10” blogs are very well read and are full of sarcasm though only 2 of 10 points are actually true and the rest are made up.

Everyone has a great poet in him/her. But only a few can make it upto writing poems on blogs. No comments on such blogs.

Then there is a big lot of technical blogs more precisely blogs which showcase new technologies. When i-phone was launched, around 10 million bloggers blogged about it. Yes i am talking about these 10 million users. Any new gadget launched can be found on their site. But there are some blogs that are excellent at this like gizmodo, wired, Gadget blog etc. Many bloggers blog about these blogs.

After all this there is a unique set of people who are just not able to decide the theme or topic of their blog. These people finally end up writing on all kinds of varied things mentioned above. I belong to this set. So why do these people blog? Mebbe they wanna show the world that thy can write well or they wanna blog just for the sake of it or to impress others, etc…In my case, i wanna put my views across my social network and gain popularity :P.

Actually blogging gives a sense of satisfaction. Everyone wants to be seen and figured out but its only Steve Jobs who gets the stage. Blogging provides a platform for people to come out and say what they want to. Its your diary, your feelings, your record, your friend, your analysis. Blogging has made it certain for everyone to speak out who has views about anything.

Finally and importantly its the people who have lots of time and nothing to do :P


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