Why the name *hypothesis?

What’s a hypothesis? Its basically correlating multiple phenomena occuring. Its a proposition saying that an event A causes event B to occur. So all one needs to put forth a hypothesis is a good eye and a lots of time. yes think of some theme and keep looking at things. Yes just keep looking at things. After doing so you will come up with a set of observations on the basis of which u can put forth some hypothesis. It might be the case that your hypothesis be criticizing some other hypothesis. But thts fine coz hypothesis are falsifiable by definition.

So u might have guessed by now as to y the name hypothesis? Yes because i have a good eye and a lots of time. But mark one thing here again when i say – “all u need is a good eye and lots of time” its an hypothesis. Proven hypothesis become laws; until then you can raise your voice against. So if someone can find atleast one thing that is required for putting forth hypothesis other than the two mentioned then my hypothesis will be proved wrong. What if u required a good nose too.,!! :P

Now why the ‘*’ before the name. Well there are some reasons for this. Firstly it looks really outstanding, arbit and geeky. Secondly its a publicity stunt. Who doesnt want comments on their blog! And such things definitely attract comments :D


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