k – theory

Ok, if u are akhil do not read ahead – “dude u know it, why waste time” else go on. This is a fun to try thing. Beware people might be really annoyed with u but thats fine, who cares. The hypothesis is “When someone indirectly makes it very obvious for you to ask a question, never ask and then enjoy what follows. It will be great fun”. Ok, i m sure u dint get me.

Explanation : One of my incidents —

Scene : I was walking back from lectures with Mouli(a friend & a great guy).

Mouli : arey yaar mere Goa ke 15 tickets ka confirmation nahi ho raha yaar.

Zubin(me) (i had no clue of what he was talking about) : k (thats it)

Here he obviously expected me to ask why u going to Goa, with whom, when, why 15 tickets etc.. but my blunt answer showing no interest was entirely unexpected. Then it was great fun watching him and then he was like “Ask me why Goa !!” and i said “You may answer but i wont ask” ROTFLOL. Try this but yeah not much and not on sentimental souls. Remember – “Never ask the expected !” More detailed information and variants of this in the next post.


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