I ain’t spiderman!

Today afternoon, i decided to have a small nap(small naps is what my head never disagrees for). My cool matress with my warm blanket, december and my ceiling fan at its max – a perfect combo. Everything was fine and i was fast asleep. But then suddenly after sometime, i found there was something wrong. Something disturbing which woke me up at once. then my nerves sent immediate signals to my head and i found there was something wrong with my hand. I at once responded and looked at my right hand. And it was a cute little spidy crawling up my hand and heading to my elbow. Its crawling was a bit unsual and uncomfortable and i flicked it away at once. Ok, whatever i mentioned is an extended view of 0.47 seconds :P But soon after that a thought flashed my mind as to whether tht spidy has changed my DNA and converted me to a spiderman. But to my surprise and to noone elses surprise nothing had changed. i ain’t spiderman!


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