On being second..

There are only two positions : first and second. The best thing about being first is that its the best thing. Everyone wants to be first somewhere in something for something. Someone wants to be first in acads, someone will want to be best aoe player, someone the best Indian cricket captain, etc… Everyone has some desires of being first somewhere. Yes ask yourself, u will get your answer. If u don’t, do not read ahead.
But being first is not all that good, because being first is the end. It ends your very aim which made you reach there. There aren’t many challenges after being first. If you argue maintaining the first position will be the next aim, i guess its a very cleashay and died out argument. Neways, recall when you were second, you had a directed and channeled aim of being first which always kept you on your toes. But there isn’t much fun on being first.

Be it whatever field, a person who is second can die for being first (conditions apply) but the first guy can just try to maintain it and can lose it anytime. So everyone was second before being first and you will very well be replaced by some other second position guy and the cycle goes on and on. Beware of the 2nd position people, there are many amongst you!


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