Tshirts for the season #1

Fed up of not being recognised for your poltu deeds? Want to show off your macho poltuism even though you’re not? Or you don’t have enough black tshirts already?

Then, you are at the right place! PCPL has the solutions to your needs!

Poltu companies pvt. ltd.

Our latest startup launches the poltu tshirt series… for all your PR(poltu relations) needs.

T-shirts available @ INR 250 237.45 as part of our seasonal discount rates.
Please bring exact change!

Avail special discount offers if you’re from IIT Bombay:

  • Buy 1 and get 10 votes free !!
  • Buy 2 and get 20 votes free (duh… u can do the math)
  • Buy 5 t-shirts to get license to wear these t-shirts in public without getting caught on the day..this will also include 50 votes as stated above.
  • Similarly buy n and get 10n votes free provided 10n < total number of ppl voting – number of opponents
  • Buy 100 tees and win or lose – your choice.
  • Buy 500 tees and decide the entire results. Order asap we will have to print it.
  • If you are not poltu and wanna show that u are an important person then buy 2 t-shirts and actually get blacklisted and we will make it sure that u are in.

Note :

  • We ain’t poltu.
  • You can avail only one of the above mentioned offers unless otherwise mentioned.
  • Many more designs coming soon….keep visiting this page!!

And yeah do comment – come on its the only appreciation we get :P


7 thoughts on “Tshirts for the season #1

  1. hey send me 5 t shirts asap
    nways i hope expecting room delivery isnt too much…
    if yes then dont bother to consider the order.
    i also wanted the tshirts in grey colours with shades of blue and light green.
    pleas get back to me asap with the designing.lol
    i think u got a bit late..
    still better late then never

  2. I believe its just a tshirt printing company, not a manufacturing one? I wear only branded ones so plz tell me if they are from the factories of one of the following or not
    *BrooklynNYC Clothing
    *Gamma Proforma
    *Tommy hilfiger
    If yes, then send me 1 each from any of the branded ones you have. And yes, they all should be of different colors, preferably sober ones like black(which you have already shown),blue,brown blah blah.

  3. Tilak dude, at present we are dealing with the so called “branded” companies, as soon as we are done with it, we shall be launching it. Also currently we only have the black version…other gay versions will be up and out soon as i get people who would work with me in this venture :D

  4. @adidas – dude i know u come under that category of ppl who wanna buy these t-shirts and show u r poltu even though u are not…

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