Process or Result >?

Whats important – the process or the result ?

I posed this question to many and i got all kinds of answers, majorly process favored. Well according to me, the only thing that ever matters is the result.
“When you really want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – Alchemist
The above mentioned line is not just a line. It says so much. I have seen many people saying they tried everything to achieve what they wanted but theres a correction term – they tried their level best is the correct line and not everything. Perhaps, you will think why should you ever lose with the entire universe along with you. Then i would say, go read the bold letters again. Its really wanting something.

If you also look at the world around you, no one except some few close people is actually interested in the process you went through. Process is what goes by in achieving the result. Process can be good fun and great but it surely doesn’t serve as a reason on failing(even if i failed i enjoyed the process). Once you fail there is no coming back, time never returns. Some try again, some give reasons. Most often the ones who give reasons are the process-liking people. Failures are the stepping stones to success – another misquote in itself. Its the case only if you ever realize why u failed.

This question generally arises majorly on failing, and not given much thought otherwise. Definitely your process was faulty if u failed. So rather then blaming the system or crying or giving reasons or clarification; fighting back for the result is the only way.

Note : These are my views, your views may differ. If u feel you are offended on reading this, i m not sorry. i hope u had fun. bye. signing off.
PS : you may feel offended only if you think i was able to convince you – a process-liking guy/gal/whatever.


9 thoughts on “Process or Result >?

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