Tshirts for the season #3

ok friends we come up with other seasonal teeshirt.
Purposes and people whom this t-shirt may serve :
1. if u dont study at all and want to show off that u do…wear this !
2. If u are seriously bugged by lotsa people during exam times for various reasons.
3. If you are in real NBD and want to pour it all out then please dont puke on your batchmate; instead wear this tee. :D
4. To seriously stop yourself from playing aoe, look at your t-shirt and convince yourself that the next game is gonna be the last this sem…also applies for counter-strike and DOTA..
5. Seriously yaar kuch nahi mugaa hai….bas t-shirt pehno aur lag jaao!!!

PS : waise maine bhi kuch nahi mugaa hai so i will go study something :)
bye junta

Ho koi bhi tyohaar, ya koi bhi ho muskil,
PCPL hamesha aapke saath, din raat !


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