My first ever DD :D

Currently after 5 long semesters i.e. in my sixth semester, i finally scored my first ever DD grade which in laymen terms signifies – baal baal bach gaye! It was some inorganic course named Chemistry of main group elements.

…It was 10 days since exams ended on a fine Monday evening. Suddenly Chandra Mouli Palit buzzes me and tells me that the long awaited last grade has come out. Well, then i asked him for the distribution. He said that the prof has given 2 FR’s. NOTE : i mentioned distribution and he just said 2 FR’s- this is what my image has been lately :P Well coming back to the point, i was startled and thought that this is gonna be my first ever FR//

I just hope all this was just a dream or i hope CMP was just joking to get me under pressure and there are no fail grades. With extreme courage i opened my asc account and clicked on my current semester grades link. Instantaneously the page opened and my eyes started searching for “F” but none were found. The within a moment, i realized that it was a DD.

So there were 2 people below me !!



4 thoughts on “My first ever DD :D

  1. Can’t believe you’re happy! Have your personal standards actually dropped so much that you’re thanking God with DDs instead of aiming for much higher? I’m sad…

  2. @Adidas : Its not about personal standards. Sometimes you are screwed badly (you wont get it what i am talking about) but yes it happens sometimes and if you are safe out from such a lion’s den its a time to rejoice although you would like to blame yourself as to how stupid you were to step in.

  3. hmmm…i understand ur point :) but the point is when u were warned about the lion’s den all along, and have seen LOTS of people being gobbled up by the lion, u still step in…that’s the point…if u still step in, and then jump out, whts the point celebrating :P

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