10-15 minutes..

On popular demand from my blog fans, i have come up with this non-t-shirt stuff for a change :D :P

How many times in a day do you say 10 minutes plz. or
“i shall call u back in say 10 minutes..is that fine, buddy?” or you say
“i will take 10- 15 minutes to be there” or simply
“10 minutes and i will be there sitting on your head nibbling your ears!” or
“10 mins; over and out” or
“after getting down at the station walk for about 10 minutes and you shall reach (i bet its always way more than 10 minutes :P)”…etc.etc…
If not any of the above surely while waking up, “10 more minutes” is the most often remark by most.

Well many a times you are wrong. Ten minutes just fit in psychologically well to be excused or convince people while making a request. Most people seem to have solutions to spend their 10 – 15 minutes rather than 20 minutes or greater and hence grant the permission to be late. And most times people take more than the mentioned 10 minutes. Calling up someone and telling them that you will be late by 10 minutes serves as a sufficient enough signal of your being late and to not expect you being on time 10 minutes late but at the same time you are safe. Its the way our planet works.

Go call your boss who is very punctual and tell him that you are badly stuck in traffic and you shall be late by 10 minutes, he might give you the liberty to do so but not if u mention 20 minutes but at the same time you know you are going to be 20 minutes late.

Other reasons could be that “ten” is a shorter word than “twenty”. So its easier on the client end to speak and also easier on the receiver’s end to digest it. Its a fact and not a joke. Ponder for a while.

So its merely a psychological affair..


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