Competing is the way to success! (correction: one of the ways)

yes. People work best when they have to compete and they want to compete. **Conditions apply**

Obviously there have to be reasons to compete. People give their best when they have someone better around and they are jealous or they just want to prove themselves etc…there can be many reasons (may be fighting for a girl who prefers a winner :P)

The above mentioned reasons create a separate drive for you to work at your fullest or even beyond and give your best shot and, if you really did you shall win. condition apply

Things are not that happening around with no competitors around in whatever you do. Monopoly is no fun. So go wake up and get yourself some competition and then everything is fair in LOVE and WAR.

To end this, do read On being second..


3 thoughts on “Competing is the way to success! (correction: one of the ways)

  1. It is true what you have written for majority of the people but its is certainly not true for a whole lot of people.

    It is not essential that competition always lead to success. Success is a relative quality and hence it is not appropriate to quantify success.

    It is observed that people who like monopoly are more idolsome and successful than people who are in competition.

    Example: Say Kiran Bedi, with other school friends going to doctor / engineer she wouldn’t have dared to become a first woman police officer if competition was the mantra.

    Dhirubai Ambani : He has excelled because of monopoly

    At the end I shall say competition is a easier way to attain what others have achieved. if you want to do some great work, you need to think out of the competition window.

  2. I haven’t quantified success. I have no idea of the fact that monopolists are idol but anyways its a rare case now. My post is not on innovative thinking but its just a proposed hypothesis in which i say that people work better in a competition arena. Thinking out of the box is all together a new dimension and no comments on that as of now…!

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