One fine night!

We were four of us – Tapan, Gondal, Gosavi and me of course coming back from Sunny restaurant situated just outside the IITB main gate. I wanted to walk and convinced the others to come along walking with me. After walking about 100 meters, Gosavi found an empty rickshaw; and he couldn’t wait stopping it. But as we started filling in it, he realized we were four and refused to take us although it would not have made any difference. I was the last one to get in. So i told them, its OK, fellas, i just wanted to walk so you three continue, i shall walk; but they at once left it saying we will find another rickshaw. Thank you friends but i really wanted to walk :P//

Now within a minute or so we found another rickshaw. He agreed taking us all four. wow!! And i was the last one to get in and hence he allowed me to sit besides me. I had always wanted to ride a rickshaw, and i mentioned it there. The rickshaw driver was a great chap and he at once left the steering panel and let me drive it. I tell u – it was awesome and yeah quite wacky. But its almost similar to driving a scooty, the only difference being this is much more stable :D//

Whoa! It was fun. I don’t know and don’t care what the three sitting behind were thinking or what the driver was thinking(he was a great guy in life for sure) or what you are thinking but yes having such a wish and getting is fulfilled is really superb.//

You may be remembered for the big thing in life associated with you but its always the small things in life that make a difference, which are remembered and carried forward//


9 thoughts on “One fine night!

  1. LOLz!!
    so thats why you were late, eh?
    driving the rickshaw!!
    LOLz buddy
    hey me too want to ride one,
    next time take me with you

    ~$udhi :)

  2. sure sir….but next time i m thinking of an upgrade…it shall be truck the next time and later on hawaai-jahaaz ! lol….


  3. hey, chanced upon your blog…arbit happy stuff, i missed barcamp mumbai as i was attending typography seminar or the same day at IDC looks like people had lot of fun…landed on your blog via that page hence the trivial piece of info….cheers!

  4. Dude….i totally correlate with ur feeling…wen luv was back from NY, we took to LP after drinking at rodas…at the rickhaw fella let be drive rt till seepz…killer experience…total bucket list item!

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