Bottleneck @ Adi Shankaracharya Marg

Recently, while returning from my intern evening time i have come across this weird problem faced by around 10000 people or even more who are unlucky enough to travel by this road. Its just not badly packed but its damn jam packed.

On my last trip back to IIT at 7 pm [ x-( ], I overhead someone telling his colleague, as to how this traffic is not modern but its happening since past 15 years or so. Surprised at this fact, i tried to listen more. It turns out that the bottleneck being the small width of the very long road just outside IIT-Bombay. No rickshaw-waala dares enter that zone unless he is new to the area or he is out of his mind (they are generally male. Never seen a female rickshaw driver :P). The entire project of this great problem is been given to a private construction company which is too big to consider this problem up to the mark to solve it. huh !! The person telling all this was pretty confident so i guess it must be true. He added, the company started by building the Hiranandani flyover which we see now.
But the work seems to have taken a sleeping pill after that one.

A bottleneck is any part of the system where the natural flow is obstructed causing waits and delays. It hinders movement along the pathway, determining the pace at which the whole process works.

Anyways, who knows what exactly the reason is. The road needs to be widened and for that it will have to eat some of the IITB space and on the other side some space which is occupied by a bunch of stores. There have been attempts of making it wider. Laxmi restaurant was shifted back and many others were removed. I guess the work was in progress at some time. I just hope it resumes quickly if there is any bottleneck in there in the system itself (I m talking about the decision takers).


14 thoughts on “Bottleneck @ Adi Shankaracharya Marg

  1. Dude, you could do lot better. We all know all this, write something new , something which majority doesn’t know. Shea … I had so high expectations when I clicked on the link of your blog … Bottleneck …. sounded very philosophical … and what I got to read was the old story of traffic jam in front of IIT B … bad … too bad …

    I hope u do better in the next post .. :)

    happy blogging and interning .. while both may be same for you ..:P

  2. @ankit goyal : Firstly, you should once read the entire post as it might not be the case that you know all about it. Secondly, you shall feel the heaviness of the issue when it takes more than one hour from hiranandani bus stop to pizza hut after which, i was totally fed up of it and hence decided to walk my way & thirdly i do not blog only for my fellow friends or iitians..

  3. Dear zubin ,

    I really doubt that except for IITians anybody else would have been reading ur blog :P

    But even if u still stand by that statement, another thing that was disappointing was that this came so late, if you would have written the same blog in your first year, I would have really appreciated it but at the end of your third year … naah!!

    @Tilak : abe kuch bhi appreciate karega kya. Maana life is all about give and take , but apne blog ko appreciate karaane ke liye … itni fight … itne ghatiya post ko bhi appreciate karega … soch !!

  4. dude its not about the time when i wrote this but its about the need…At this point it has become a really huge which should have been solved by now but due to some problems with our system its held back. And secondly you only feel it badly to write about something when u have intensely encountered it. I have intensely encountered it in the negative sense in the past one month. I wrote about this coz i felt about it and have closely seen hundreds of dead and tired faces facing this!

    PS : Thanks Tilak, for supporting me…aakhir ek blogger hee ek fellow blogger ke dard ko samajh sakta hai !!

  5. Dear, I agree with the “about the need” funda. But the thing is, you being aware of the situation since three years could have already imagined or for that matter should have knew how painful that can be and then even encountering the situation shouldn’t come to you as a shock or let’s just say anything new.

    While I totally agree with what you wrote, your this post failed to interest me or it didn’t appeal to me as much as your other posts. The whole point is you could have done better, not that this is the worst you can do … I know you can do even worse … :P

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