The “Lets not think too much” theory!

Today something happened which i knew would happen but did not want it to happen. I wanted something but the entire thing had an external dependence. All I could have done was just fight for it! But alas it dint happen. The external source did not budge, to put it in a better way the external source had a brain and it did think a lot and had reasons to fall in or rather had thought too much etc… Some time later, when i had given up, this thought came to my mind.

Ok, before going ahead, this theory is not mine and i don’t care whose but its like one of those events – oh, i would definitely have come up with the Gravitational law if only Newton would not have done so or if i was there before him. Well…whatever. I see people today thinking too much about the whole life thing. So the hypothesis says – We are here for some time on this beautiful planet, so lets enjoy our stay and not just think too much. Well very often i see people staying all safe and secured and working. So to those people get up and get yourself some life. Even i think a lot but definitely not the way mentioned above. Yeah i am the God’s messenger and here to wake people up and do innovative stuff. So if you not actually inventing something great for the human race, its just a matter of you surviving so go get up and enjoy,make someone happy, bring a smile on someone’s face, laugh out loud, treat a friend, help someone, meet new people. I just wish i could do the things i mentioned. One of the best things to do is to do a thing everyday that will have you remember it forever or have someone remember something. I am recently upto this, but its very difficult thing and all you thinking people try it out once.

Life is like an icecream. Seriously, seriously, seriously enjoy it before it melts….


3 thoughts on “The “Lets not think too much” theory!

  1. hats off dude..

    “Yeah i am the God’s messenger and here to wake people up and do innovative stuff”… i never :O realised it before u opened my eyes..:P :D

  2. hmm interesting thoughts. i dont know wht u mean abt “thinking abt this life thing”…but i blv ur life is empty without enuf thinking abt life…i actually find those “stupid” questions of life’s purpose, aim and how to go about living it pretty interesting to think about, and it’s only philosophical stimulations of that kind that keep me alive and human.

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