Theories about IITB!

Here are some arbit but true facts about the place where i have spent 3 years….

  • Suppose you generally want to disturb some people in any hostels then what you do is, go to the PA(public announcement system present in all hostels) and call “Ankit/Khandu please come to PA“. You would have disturbed like 20 people from the hostel who will rush to the PA to find nothing. And if you wanna reduce the scale of your demon plans then you may just call for Ankit Gupta; you might have disturbed only 2-3 people on an average per hostel. I am not sure but this may work for hostels 10 and 11 too….go try it out :P
  • If you “be a part” of most events going on here at IITB, you might have earned tshirts for your entire stay here and you might as well gift some of those or start your own t-shirt company with a friend who too did take part in those events.
  • Every time you walk the way to the main gate from any hostel (except 10), you will find the Dominos pizza delivery guy on the way
  • Every other guy is either a rock fan or Rimesh Heshamiya’s fan but not both. WHich one are you(if you from IITB)
  • Each hostel has one person named “pondy” beacuse this name is too easy to pronounce.
  • Every 1 of 2 IITBian holds some position of responsiblity with great responsiblity.
  • There are majorly three breeds prevalent in IITB : freshie, senior or professor
  • Finally, yes its true, everyone present here did clear jee at some point of time(conditions apply….some cleared gate etc…)

10 thoughts on “Theories about IITB!

  1. @ viraj – yeah these were some arbit and insignificant ones….though i have had enough criticism for this post as many think this could have been a better and bigger post

  2. hi,
    Just read your blog. You have got excellent comprehending and writing skills. I along with few of my friends am planning to launch a website related to engineering. For that we require some information of your institute which only a student studying there can provide and is not available on net(for ex. different hang outs, time pass, masti, hostel life etc.). If you are interested then plz contact me at If the informtion you provide is really helpful and authentic we may acknowledge you and your blog on our website and maybe even provide you with a free membership.

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