vada pav!

vada pavI feel like having one of those. This post is on how vada pav became the staple food item of the mumbaikars. Today, Its a 2000 crore industry, almost 1 lakh vada pavs are sold everyday in Mumbai itself. Out of this Jumbo King manages to sell 10,000 everyday. Vada pav is one thing that is liked and affordfable by all sections of the society. Its cost generally ranges from Rs.3 to Rs.7 with various brands serving this with add-ons like cheese and stuff and the cost varies a bit.

I used to have Jumbo king since it launched @ Andheri(W) and felt it was different, hygenic and great! I was there, may be one of their early customer and fan.

But whatever it is, this Indian burger can work for most occasions. If you are not that hungry then it surely is the solution and if you are hungry then too it can be the solution – have like 3-4. The pricing + taste + size is just at the best optimum which makes it the best fit of all times. Though its kinda too famous only in Maharashtra. I remember when i went on some tour to some places in MH, the sure thing you will get there is “vada pav”. But the mumbaikars and some brands like Jumbo King have made it all the great and have mastered the art of making it the best. My mom makes really good vada pav’s! :D

History: Talking about how it was invented. The Vaidya family began selling vada pavs from a handcart at Dadar railway station way back in 1966 – perhaps the first time the popular snack was dished out. Vada pav appears to be some kind of derivative obtained while making stuff by smashing potatoes…not much idea whatsoever. Vaidya family used to sell alu vadas and once on a customers request he gave it with a pav. That day onwards it got sold as “vada pav”. Whoever it is who made it – hats off !

References : How to prepare it :


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  2. i know that VADA PAV is food ,but its not only foooood its a Life-Line of Mumbaikar……I was in Mumbai @2010,Sept Pls send me the more Info of Vada Pav,i mean History of VADA PAV

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