On being 21…

One day suddenly out of the blue, you turn 21. Well no panicking, this happens in most of the cases! Whats so important about the number 21? – actually nothing much. If you look at it in a non-human, non-social way then its like any other year birthday. But there are some things that add spice to this 21st birthday. Coming back to the normal human, social mode the major reason for this is the government. As a social animal, you belong to this society and hence believe in the government and other social animals. 21 marks the year, when you are technically and legally freed from not doing some stuff.

On being 21, you get to vote yeah well you can vote since you were 18 but yeah its not like you are disallowed to do it at 21 years of age :P:P. Also you can “legally” drink, can get married if you are in India and a lot more unknown things locally evident like may be a place where you shall be allowed only if you are 21(yeah legally and yeah there are places :P) etc..etc. But its not about what you can do, but what you want to do; it always was this way.

Nothing changes naturally, automatically at the tick of a clock going from 11:59:59 to 12:00:00 but what changes is ones approach towards his/her life but only if one feels what it means to be 21. It marks the dawn of a new responsible citizen, responsible Indian(in my case), responsible person(regarding whatever you do). It is the beginning of the “possibly” most happening 10 years in ones life.

You were trained all these 21 years to do something, to achieve something, to learn something, to win something but now its show time!


7 thoughts on “On being 21…

  1. when i turned 13 i wanted to stay 12 forever. lets see wht happens when im 21.

    saw ur comment on a 60 day old post…unfortunately didn’t come across it earlier n cudnt reply..

  2. This is an omnipresent theme with people our age, maturity or the lack of it, innit?

    If at 21 you are responsible, then as children are we mature enough to take the decisions which decide how we ‘train’ ourselves or how we are ‘trained’?

    Decent blog, worth more clicks ..

  3. @dinesh : Its not really about the way we were trained, or how we wanted to train ourselves! Its the consequences we see rather than dreams.
    Definitely, its omnipresent and a thing worth giving a thought. Generally people have this cynical attitude towards others and world which constraints them from thinking beyond and they turn up thinking they are quite mature and you turn a blind eye to what you lack. Thats where 21 makes and marks a difference. One needs to open his/her eyes….

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