To humanize is amazing!

Totally bored to death, I thought of accompanying my friend Tilak to HN CCD and get some fresh air. While in the midst of our discussion it started raining heavily. We completed our drinks and payed our bills(yes, Tilak still owes some 75 bucks to me :D).
Then we realized that I was the only one carrying umbrella..huh…And after joining every penny in our pockets the sum total was Rs. 12.50/- which was surely not enough to pay the rickshaw fare(in case you dint know :P)
“So lets wait!” I exclaimed. Luckily the rains slowed down quite a bit and the drizzly drops were bearable. So we set out on foot to our destination, our respective hostels.

I was quite exhausted and we dint have much to talk about after the long talk at CCD. After 5 minutes or so it had completely stopped raining but we still experienced some drops falling on us because of the tree leaves shedding water droplets. Tilak suddenly, with a very matured, serious and interrogative look said – “If now(just after rains stopped) we walk under trees we are sure to experience tiny constant water drops but under the open sky we won’t. This case is perfectly opposite to the case when its raining! When its raining you tend to walk under a tree for obvious reasons – to not wet yourselves completely.”

Trying to grasp, i paused for a minute and was totally amazed at his thoughts. Then he asked me to humanize this fact. As in he wanted me to come up with some humanly example related to this. I came up with this example rather analogy –

“The open sky is like the entire world, the trees are like our ‘many friends’ and the rains are the problems and troubles we face all the time during our life. When in trouble we try to approach our friends. Our friends try to help us like trees do by stopping the rain flow to a great extent. But if it is raining heavily and our troubles are too much our regular ‘many friends’ may not be in a position to help us. On the contrary, there exist very close friends; here analogous to us carrying an umbrella. No matter how bad the rains are our umbrella will always be with us and protect us to the maximum extent from the rains. Such are some very close friends. And when it has just stopped raining your troubles end but there is still some minute disturbances from your many friends who might remind you of some bad times and try to consolidate you by reminding :| Seriously, bad times reminder is exactly analogous to every big drop falling from the trees after rains! Do ponder for a while…”

Tilak listened carefully to my analogy and then said, “I feel it would be better if I used a windsheeter instead of an umbrella.” “All hail Mr. Tilak!”


4 thoughts on “To humanize is amazing!

  1. dude…i said the last line coz even umbrellas aren’t reliable when wind speed is high and rains extremely heavy…so windsheeter would be a better “friend” in that case…

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