How to develop acquaintanceship, rather how to find a date?

This is a perfectly genuine, clean but risky method I came up with, while chatting with an online friend. Go to a cool place to hangout, a party or a cool cafe or a marriage ceremony where you are sure to find out some amazing(good looking) humans of the opposite sex worth hanging out at a later stage. Now spot out one person you know who, how and why! Now the next step is a bit difficult one but is the whole idea. You have to leave your cell phone at a place where that person is likely to find it. Mebbe if he/she has vacated his place for a moment then that is the time, you have to accidentally drop it around.

This will have almost 75% of the mission completed. Now what is left is you have to closely monitor your cell phone from somewhere around.

Warning: There are many ways by which this plot can lead to unwanted consequences. What if “she” doesn’t pick it up and “he” picks it up! What if no one picks it up? What if you lose track of your dear cell phone and you find it missing and then no one picks up when u call…you are so busted! And cell phone is the only thing that works greatly, rather than using a rose, your scientific calculator, napkins, t shirt, money! This is not a Hindi movie, its real life – wake up!

Important steps to follow: Always have an eye on it and if a wrong person picks it up just stand up, set your vocal chords and shout, “Hey that’s mine, Thanks! Where did you find it? blahblahblah….” And if no one picks it up, then try calling it using some other phone and keep it loud so that people around can notice but this can be problematic as there are many chances someone else would pick it up…but anyways its worth trying.

What if all goes perfectly fine and the exact human picks it up. Well thats when you shout “yO!” Ok no wasting time, get back to work. Assuming that the person is eager to return the cellphone, they will most likely try and call the last dialled number. So you have to be smart enough to have that last dialled number guy/gal to be with you or atleast aware of whats going on, else they might score :P

Actually speaking, its ok if you do not let them call back, but call back as soon as they find it, a gap of 5 minutes after pick it up would be admired. Within that span if he/she calls last dialled number(have no more than 1 or 2 last dialled numbers so that its better to monitor), that guy should not be reachable or mebbe your friend is away and he will pass on the message. Then you take charge! Call your number, they pick it up! and then its upto you….Call ask, say thnx, assure a treat somewhere on phone itself..get going..

Note: In no case will your cellphone be returned if you happen to lose it while trying the above method :P


10 thoughts on “How to develop acquaintanceship, rather how to find a date?

  1. dude!!!!!!!!!!!… ur crazy!!!

    ……il tell u wat happnd…

    i frgt my cell in the auto jst outside my cllg…had the guy been gud..he wdve gvn it back thr cuz he knew i was stdying in the cllg…or jst hand it ova to the gaurd..
    nyway..he dnt…n so i got an FIR done..
    i kpt calling…i msgd on my no..that this cell no is like lodged wid d police e reply came nxt morn.. .dat i have bn sold dis cell for 4000..n i dn knw that its stolen..i replied..u dumb…if it was wdnt have a sim olrdy in…iaskd him to mt me smwhr n il gv him the money n shit…
    but he retrnd the cell to the auto guy…n got his money back….n olso tld the auto guy to gv it back to me in case i contct him…
    all this while i kpt cllng frm make it was nvr swtchd off…
    finally 2 days ago….the auto guys relative came to the cllg gate , gave me my cell…whose screen was slightly damaged…!!…n olso took 150 chips frm me…for his commute to and fro my cllg.
    so….no guys, no dating shhtiitititit!!!!
    grrrrrrrrrrrrr……………..ZUBIN MEHTA…

    anyway…i guesss i was jst plain lucky.

    i hate u :) ;p
    nice piece though :).so very ORIGINAL :)!!!

  2. Dude … great work ..
    I hope you haven’t copied this one too … no, i know atleast ur blogs are original … :P

    great work … give us more such ideaz :)

  3. @rajiv yeah, that’s fine but you sometimes get an extra point for such innovative methods..It might sound cliche for an outspoken person like you but try it once…requires skills! :)

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