Wannabees #1

Some findings from the internet. Inspired from rahul dash’s blog, I went on in a search of internet newbies/wannabees. Everyone is an spirant and hence everyone’s a wannabee but some have been the elitist in this community. No more words for them>> just some encounters :P The first one…

I dΘηт αяgμє I jμšт яμlє! I dΘηт ƒΘllΘш тнє яμlєš,I jμšт мαkє тнє яμlєš! I тєℓℓ Θтнєяš шнαт тΘ dΘ,ηΘвΘ∂y тєℓℓš MEH шнαт тнє нєll m šμρρΘšє∂ тΘ dΘ !!

му яυℓєz…

яυℓє ησ 1: ι αм αℓωαуz яут.
яυℓє ησ 2: ιƒ ι αм ωяσηg…ѕєє яυℓє # 1

||šτθρ ταlκιπg ||
||šταгτ гθcκιπg||

Most of them cannot type readable English. Generally its is a mix of greek, german, alienist(marcist or neptunist), japanese and barbarian characters and symbols which will take hours to write in and days to understand by the not-like-them-crowd.

One thing common in this breed of people is that they think their this way of writing is cool and portrays they are just great, they are the napolean, shahrukh khan and angelina jolie at the same time…etc.. and the opposite sex will fall for them and thats true – “Every wannabee eventually meets other equally alike wannabee opposite sex counterparts and will have kids together!” huh…sorry if that hurt, are you a wannabee?


2 thoughts on “Wannabees #1

  1. ‘……cannot type readable English….’….is it there fault or as per the AOI (age of internet), you are getting old :p…remember you are in fourth year….there are 3 generations younger than you are in IIT

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