My 2008 top 13 list :)

Here is the list of 13 official and mentionable important things that happened to me or witnessed by me in the year 2008 that made a difference!

1. Techfest 2008, successfully organized (web and gaming zone, the experience was just amazing..will always cherish the TF memories)
2. Intern @ Chaupaati – Good exposure, fundae and awesome people – Zishaan, Gera, Kashyap, Rane, etc.
3. Trip to Goa (8-12th December) – 1st official bike accident (my parents do not know about it, so if u happen to meet them STFU :P) but was a good trip! Also cheers to Tanna.
4. Hit my lowest spi ever in 7th sem!
5. The cute girl in pink top(in Mood indigo) and Ensiferrum(Finnish Death Metal Band live @ MI)
6. Came across perl! (during my intern)
7. Working @ TRI – good level of work, learning and responsibility!!
8. Discovered ‘gym’ in late July – thanks to Mouli
9. Started Webvulture blog to share my daily technical encounters
10. MSc Chemistry Seminar on beating the diffraction limit of light :P Actually liked the entire field of research and how great the technique NSOM is// and also the Eco project
11. Ankit Goyal got placed :O (Also Extremely happy for Gudi, Ramdas and Akhil – great jobs and all other placed junta)
12. One night at “The Orchid” playing poker and amazing food
13. Witnessed the greatest of economic recession, thanks to USA :)

Seriously people, go make your own 2008, 2009 lists. Helps you know yourself!

Contact me if you would want to know more about any of these especially 4,6 and 10 :P Why would you!!


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