Astrology – Why not believe in it?

I have asked many – “Do you believe in horoscopes?” And almost certainly, there is a sudden blatant smile followed by very similar answers viz. “No”, “scope(IITB lingo for saying not at all)”, “nahi yaar”, “paagal hai kya?”,”yeah little bit” etc..etc.. Most people I have asked cannot perceive themselves believing in such a non-scientific, non-logical, completely random stuff.

Everyone at some points of life wants/wanted to know things ahead, wants to know his/her/someone else’s future, and many more other facts about life and living. But God has not given us any tool to discover such things(or has he?) We pretty much live in the “present”.

Astrology bases its findings on the movement of celestial bodies gives us a way to predict future, it involves much math and is then correlated with traits and nature of various features associated with various planets and so on…So, astrology is a function, a tool, which when given various input, outputs life. Science which claims to have done a lot cannot predict future, but something which is non-scientific(not sure) can quite accurately!!

Many a times people started of with trying it out, but the astrologers they followed did not forecast correctly and they lost faith as it was never correct. But i followed a great astrologer – Marjorie Orr. Her column used to come in Mid Day many years back when i was trying out. But now i regularly take a look at her website. Also a tip to use, never check your daily forecast or base your faith on it; rather read the monthly forecasts by Marjorie Orr. It will blow your mind when you will come to know how correct it is. Also she mentions some important dates for a month which will definitely be days that will make some difference!!

See for yourself and follow because there have to be some way things can be answered, astrology teaches us one. I may be wrong, but this is open debate, you are invited :)


9 thoughts on “Astrology – Why not believe in it?

  1. I haven’t really explored astrology but I am always impressed by the way they write. They write it in such a way that it can be interpreted the way one wishes to.

  2. :) i actually like this post..some Believe that believing in occult and the likes is totally orthodox..not modern..reflects one’s ancient hinking and crap like that..but I feel. today there is so much of stuff happening around you..good and bad..that its a way to escape..or rather look for an alternative peace in astrology etc..its assures you in a way..about things to happen..not to happen..the point is that for me..its the most wonderful thing..we just dont need to be blinded by it. Its amazing science, so wondrous that its supposed to be ine of the most ancine and powerful of sciences… ! good post , zoey. thumbs up!

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