Blank paper! Amazing you!

Great exercise for one and all! Follow it as I write, might sound foolish but just do it.
So we start by lying down….Lie down absolutely anywhere but sufficient place needed. Then you stretch out your arms wide open and legs too in a relaxed way. Then with your eyes shut try to forget about various parts and this is the most difficult part but you will know what to do when you do it :) and except your mind; obviously you use your brain to forget!

Once you think you are into this with deep breathing though not necessary as this might also act as a disturbance. Note: This is no YOGA! Continuing…You are 5 minutes into this exercise/act and all you have is your mind. Now sit in a roller-coaster-safari-ride where you are alone in the car with ups and downs, turns and twists. Try to concentrate on yourself as the third person and ride is getting dangerous with more and more steep turns. Then try to immediately think of absolutely anything related to you or not related, what you want or do not want, any word that comes to your mind. While thinking have a pen and a blank paper big enough in your hand; your eyes are still closed.

It might be an awkward position to write in but its just fine; you still do not have your other parts; but your hands moving and you just write whatever comes to your mind; think in the most weirdest way; rather do not think about your life’s positioning but think about anything, and be honest to write what you think, however on the page; complete sentence, broken lines, words, pictures, a story, banana, black, songs, great things, sadness, a beggar along the roadside naked and shivering, you almost about to get drowned, you with aamir khan having dinner, dogs, cats, music, girls, beer, how you cracked jee, aoe, snakes, dinosaurs,etc……just let it go on. Do it till you want to, and you can in between be seated so that you can write well but remember your eyes must be closed, see for yourself how amazing you are! How well you think! How great our mind is!

A montage! :)

PS: Do post a snapshot of your blank papers somewhere! Life is….


10 thoughts on “Blank paper! Amazing you!

  1. I knew you would say that but no….not exactly! I have done it only the writing part is what i thought shud be done and i dint do it. But yeah tujhe chup karaane ke liye toh karna hee padega :p

  2. where is the pic zubin ???
    looks like goyal was right
    all of it is ur fancy imagination … or u would want to prove goyal wrong … wont you

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