Since past few days, there is something abnormal going on around with me. Well since past 2 – 3 weeks I am seeing 47 everywhere. Initially I thought it was just some random thing happening but now its just too much. Well, initially whenever I looked at the time it was either 12:47, 2:47, 3:47, 6:47….whatever..but only 47! I thought it was just my mind which always wanted to see the time at the 47th minute of the hour. But it wasn’t only the time…the number and variety of incidents increased. I happened to go to Juhu for some TF job treat and on the way I saw two cars back to back with numbers 4575 and 4676. Now it might sound a bit too much but yes …its 47 everywhere.. :0 :(

Then one day I told these incidents to Ramdas and on listening he said he was AIR 47…huh..My room number 247. I was at home and went down for a bit to buy some stuff and a BEST bus passes no 247. I posted something on facebook and it said posted at 6:47pm and many more such incidents within the last two weeks. I called up a friend and the call lasted for 1:47. Some one opens up some convocation pdf on my compu and it says 47th convocation(will post more of these – not in a mood right now).

z=26 , u=21 –> z + u =47
I randomly see out of the auto after waking up randomly because of the bad roads and there i see a number plate and it read 47**
Today(23rd May, 2009) while chatting with a school friend was reminded of the fact that my 10th standard roll number was 47.
My jee rank = 3125 –> 3+1=4 and 2+5=7 Fucking 47 again!

It feels as if there is some force trying to tell me something, asking me to solve this puzzle this mystery and I do not know what it will lead to but only clue I have is the number 47! But what could 47 possibly denote if it is to speak about something. 47 days remaining in my life? or will i die at 47 years of age! Something 47 days hence or some date’s numbers add up to something and that will be the end of this world and like I can do something about it? I mean for God’s sake initially i was finding it fascinating but now enough of it lately…phew!! SOS!


9 thoughts on “47

  1. Kuchh bhi….how’s 4565 and 4676 related to 47. Waise watch ‘number 23’…u will like this movie in your situation :P

    • abey its 4575….btw, yeah after this post quite some people told me to watch 23….but i dont see 47 as the only number…but i come across it 5- 6 times a day! :D

  2. you see what you want to see :P
    and you want to see things like this so that you can blog :P
    that is my “hypothesis” :)
    if ur blog didnt exist, maybe u wudnt see all this either ;)

    • No, I never said i see only 47….Its just the encounters have increased beyond my control. Whatever dude, your hypothesis is totally wrong! And instead of helping out your needy friend you are…sad! really sad dude..

  3. Relax!

    You are subconsciously searching for 47 everywhere… it happened to me too, once or twice and once I stopped paying attention to it…

    “don’t remember what happened, didn’t pay much attention :p”

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