Taking modulus of your emotions!

I came across this thought, as to how different the world would be if all we felt was the modulus of our feelings(Thanks to Goyal). Suppose you are a mediocre in some field. Well getting back to Goyal, some days back he received a FR(fail and repeat) grade in some course and obviously its a matter of depression for most sane people and the ones who don’t give reasons. Some days later, he gets AA in a project which was not at all expected and we had a good laugh.

Both incidents were equally intense on the emotion scale but with opposite signs(though we remain sad more than happy…come on we are less satisfied…we the modern era people…we want too much..) So what if whatever the feeling be we just feel the modulus of it. We always feel happy whatever the situation be! Hence will we love to super sad or have really bad blows, have rejections? Will there be people who would want to stay near zero or you doubt such people will exist? I mean people either want to be very happy and satisfied as we are now but things are weird and good on the sad side too…! Will people want to be sad?

Will the discontinuity at zero matter?

PS: I could have complicated the theory by taking it to n-dimensions rather than just talking about the Argand plane as here! :P


2 thoughts on “Taking modulus of your emotions!

  1. this isnt a good idea…
    the +47 feels so good coz its far away from the -100 lowest level. in other words, you feel really good coz u know wht it is to feel really bad…if you always felt good and “ok” (at 0) sometimes, then the effect of the high doesnt last…what say about this hypothesis? :)

  2. This thing happened to me at the end of 3rd sem..

    one FR plus one AA…
    i was sort of cancelling the sorrow of one grade with the happiness of the other..

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