yahaan ke hum sikander..

the incorrect publicity, the sine wave, the adorable pebble, the return of the king, the good end – beginning of it all, the hoping ant, the fear of something, the obscure tribulation, the day dreamer, the late realization, the confused dissembler, the selfish humans, the city of gold, the deep desire, the closed book, the concerned siblings, the excessive emotions, the lovable rogue, the consecutive loss, the white font group, the hardcore analysis, the anticipated squander, the optimistic investment, the new venture, the truth seeker, the curious need, the reprehensible comprehension, the return to innocence, the lonely wanderer, the thirsty ideas, the logic behind, the fortune teller, the unexpected words, the energy barrier, the accomplished dream, the optimistic pessimist, the marvelous creativity, the winning amateurs, the clean connect, the jealous lover, the stupid misunderstandings, the smiling perfectionist, the avid helper, the sincere past, the fanatic group, the blurred destiny, the speaking eyes, the hard worker, the fixed paragraph, the unconventional wisdom, the logical superstitions, the prime numbers, the serious urge, the sincere request.

yahaan ke hum sikander…


2 thoughts on “yahaan ke hum sikander..

    • Oh…I would have appreciated you if rather than counting them all you would have read those clearly and tried to get some insight into it.. But hats off to your hard work! :D

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