todo list!

A glimpse from amongst the thousands of things, randomly chosen using the Mersenne Twister random number generator algorithm. Phew!

  1. Win two nobel prizes in economics back-to-back
  2. Dominate Earth
  3. Have banana milkshake
  4. Watch a movie alone in a theater
  5. Visit Las Vegas and participate in WSOP
  6. Learn tennis and win against Federer fans
  7. Make 160 palladins in 40 minutes…Contact me for the recorded game
  8. Go on a date with a not-so-good-looking-ugly-intellectual-blabbermouth girl and actually listen to what she’s saying while dining(if dining or doing whatever)
  9. Compose a song
  10. Create the Indian south park
  11. Get a job
  12. Have a bath
  13. Climb up a coconut tree
  14. Get interviewed by any non-DNA newspaper
  15. Direct and write a movie and atleast get nominated for the oscars
  16. Have Thai food
  17. Steal speakers from room no. 238
  18. Be a billionaire
  19. Learn driving
  20. Sue Zubin Mehta for name infringement
  21. Become spiderman(yeah all the batman fans, its easier to be a batman but difficult to find the correct radioactive spider…i like challenges)
  22. Have a team of around 50 and go beg at the marine drive and have burgers with the money you earned there…..huh…who are all in??
  23. Read Maximum city
  24. Profess a self-made religion(will most likely be named Tuzuism)
  25. Go bird-watching in the woods
  26. Go bird-watching to Chandigarh
  27. Build a device for assisting reading at night!(It will be a stand kind of a thing with book holder and a small bulb with adjustable distance and many more facilities worth your money :) Launching soon..
  28. Hack into the iitb asc system and change my grades
  29. Get a job!….ohh God, is it so seriously up there in my brains..
  30. Buy new Jeans
  31. Tell 5 girls, i “love” them
  32. Decide which one’s better, South park or Big bang theory
  33. Be an otologist, paleo-anthropologist, pharyngologist and lastly an eschatologist
  34. Laugh at some unknown person for no reason
  35. Eradicate mosquitos
  36. Spell “mosquitoes” correctly
  37. Write a blog post on 17th May 2009
  38. Convince a girl to have a TED&ROBIN pact with you

17 thoughts on “todo list!

  1. Tuzuism?? Not Zoeyism or Zoeygiri?? :D

    Funny: How come you haven’t crossed out no 12? After all these times together, zubin? :((

    I’m in for 28 (I hope ur talking about “The woods” in Xaviers)
    I’m also in for 4 – maybe we can go together for it :P

    • yeah it is tuzuism…Abey its on my latest todo list, so the next time I have my bath i will strike it off :D
      No…the woods == forest and not the xaviers here and try to get the pun & punch here, read the next ones.
      Yeha lets do the 4th one together :P

  2. hehe….sahi list hai..
    But I doubt if you will actually take a bath…and if you end up taking one..will you take another…ye daily to do list hai ya lifelong??

    P.S.:”The only difference between a caprice and a lifelong ambition is that the former lasts a little longer” ~Shakespeare :P:P

    • Abey it was at the spur of the moment…ohh and yeah i did take a bath yesterday, so i guess i will strike it off. yeh lifelong todo list applicable at the moment i posted it!
      PS: great saying!

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