yeah :P

We chat online a lot everyday and while doing so we sometimes come across some new words, phrases or analogies we are unaware of(say from a movie you haven’t seen or something like that) etc. We don’t quite know what the other person is trying to convey! But suppose the other person is someone whom you cannot ask for explanation for whatever reasons — self pride and reputation mainly being the reasons — you try to sometimes google or ask some other friend or just try to skip that part. Sometimes the other person(is so smart) actually finds out you have no clue and there you go! Back to square one with less reputation, permanently.

Now here’s a simple way out. Just say – “yeah :P” in such cases.

Case 1: Suppose the other person said something which actually meant – “Go, remove your clothes and run naked in your hostel”. As you have no clue as to what the other person just said – you just reply back – yeah :P Now in this case, definitely he will take it you got it and you are trying to be sarcastic or funny by agreeing to it.

Case 2: Suppose the other person is a girl your are checking out and what she said meant – “Lets make out!” Well now as you are completely dumb and you didn’t get what she meant, you might be losing an opportunity or worse losing her(yeah because she thinks you are dumb) forever. Well, the wise thing to do here is to utter those 6 characters yeah :P Also depending on the mood of conversation(hope you know what’s going on else gimme her number and you sit back and read my blog) use the correct smiley…Maybe if the discussion going on is not so funny use :D instead of :P

It is very crucial here to understand the role smileys play, specially “:P” – it adds a negative effect to yes and you mean both “yes” and “no” at the same time, giving the handle back to the other person who involuntarily makes a choice for you.

PS: Whoever you are, whatever you do, Please don’t try this offline
PS2: Yes, I have used this myself some times.
PS3: Well if you are really curious as to what the other person meant, go ahead be honest, ask what it means and never read my blog again..


4 thoughts on “yeah :P

  1. im gonna try this out on you :D I’ll ask you a question, you answer “Yeah :P”, and then I’ll copy all that out into my blog which will be called “Oh Yeah? :P”

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