Notes to myself..

  1. All the good ones are taken, cling to whatever you have!
  2. Ignorance is bliss – try not to find out, not to know and lie down lazy ;)
  3. Beware of spontaneous human combustion
  4. Stop incentivizing yourself for all the small things you accomplish
  5. Follow your month-long time table for at least a day
  6. Watching 8 Seinfeld episodes a day will not get you anywhere, Also in the end you will have no episodes left! Looks like it’s a road to perdition :( Think and stop right now..
  7. You are a MSc chemie + 7 pointer and not Mark Shuttleworth
  8. Mouli is still to treat you.
  9. Get the tubelight fixed and hence create a mentally stimulating environment
  10. Ask yourself, is it Tuesday yet? If no, find when is it coming? After Monday? If yes, do what you were supposed to do, do what everyone does on Tuesdays!
  11. Dude, above all you should stop blogging and prepare for placements, else you will blog your entire life…Stop this here at once and get back to important things.

10 thoughts on “Notes to myself..

  1. I’ll agree with the last one…stop blogging. leave that to me for a while now! And it a ‘tuesday’ today :)..and yes, unless you wish to go blind, just like me, go get the tubelight fixed! :)

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