The Vrinda-Zubin-chaai-theory

After some lab work at 5:30pm. and not much to do until 6(sadly, i have evening lectures!) I had idli at the new Gullu cafe. Whilst heading back to my beloved department, I see Vrinda entering the cafe. She persuaded me to stop and paid for my tea! Too careful and dreaded not to burn my tongue and spend horrible 2 days, I decided to wait for the tea temperature to be bearable. By then she was done with her juice and I was still struggling.

We started walking. Generally people match paces while walking, so did we. Though the previous sentence may sound stupid and obvious, remember it. I had the tea cup in my hand. I realized (many a times before too) that while I walk with anything to drink and I try to sip, naturally my body decelerates and as I start sipping, I am stationary in the same frame of reference. No matter what my speed is, the deceleration depends on how quickly I try to bring the cup near me. I tried it many times, but somehow I cannot walk and sip at the same time. What the heck!

Well, I also observed that while I occasionally stopped and sipped my tea, Vrinda took exactly 4 steps in the process and I pretty much sipped a fixed amount every time. The volume of the tea cup is known; calculating the distance(from the number of steps) we walked and the frequency of sipping(once every 10 steps or so), we can calculate the volume of tea I take in every time. Bingo!

Some correction factors to be incorporated in the above expression are:
(1) When vrinda realized I had stopped she would walk a bit slow and account for something less than 4 steps(3.5 eh?)
(2) I sipped a bit more as the tea tea temperature dropped.
(3) Although I certainly stop as I am about to sip, sometimes when the volume is really low in the container(10% of the original height) I am less conscious and my velocity is not exactly zero, almost zero!
PS: The rest is math, I leave it upto the readers to create equations and error expressions. Happy to help :)
My inability to drink while walking has helped calculate an important quantity in my life. Freaking cool…

13 thoughts on “The Vrinda-Zubin-chaai-theory

  1. (4) The coefficient of cubic expansion should also be taken into account. This will result in an integral over temperature. :D

    PS: For each lukkha blogger, there exist many lukkhe commentators. :P

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