Food for thought #1

Some food for thought! Consider this hypothetical situation and spend some time thinking on its dynamics.

Consider two identical snakes (identical length, color and everything else you can think of) Now, what will happen if both snakes start eating each other from their tail at the same time with a constant rate of swallowing(or velocity, i hope you get it)? It is interesting to just imagine the situation.

Think about it.

I discussed this with many people on the mess table in my hostel. Many smiled abruptly with a tinge of amazement somewhere on their faces. Many tried to bring out cases or giving smart ass answers but the run-away common answer was like – a black hole would be created at center point of the symmetry of whatever shape(circle) they make.

(assume a circular trajectory along which they devour each other)

PS: If you have any arguments do comment or buzz me personally!


3 thoughts on “Food for thought #1

  1. Well one thing is for sure, none of the snakes will come back hungry.

    A more interesting and rather disturbing version of this question would be, “What would happen if a man is able to and starts crawling inside his own butt?”

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