Mumbai rains

Well, I have been noticing the climate in mumbai since the past year. I don’t know if Global warming is a truth or a scam but definitely, i am a firm believer of climate change. Mind you, they are different as against the media junkies who use it interchangeably. Read this.

Well, coming back to the topic; I am predicting that this year(2010) monsoons will hit Mumbai anywhere in between 5th May and 15th May. Since the past year I have observed that the standard Indian seasons have shifted back by about 20-25 days(I feel so because, I have almost spent 23 years in Mumbai). So I hope we see those early showers.

PS: Any meteorologically-expertified comments are welcome!


8 thoughts on “Mumbai rains

  1. According to the article you’ve given a link to:
    The consequences of global warming are quite predictable and known.
    The consequences of climate change are unknown, varying over time and space, and may collaborate with or act against the effects of global warming.

    This was a revelation for me. I thought the observed deviations in regional weather patterns (deviations from statistically observed patterns averaged over hundreds of years) was due to global warming. – I am referring to umpteen snow storms in North America, advancing monsoons on the Indian west coast, snow in the middle eas, etc.

    Do you mean to say global warming is not responsible for these sudden deviations?

    • Actually, I have read ‘n’ number of articles which support/disprove the existence of global warming. In fact there are awesome documentaries catering to both school of thoughts. So, I haven’t taken a stand on whether it is for real or not. So it is safer to blame it on climate change which has always been present over millions of years. I suggest you watch those documentaries. It’s just that climate change coincides with global warming at this time, if global warming is anywhere close to a reality.
      More important question is how badly the climate will change, I think!

  2. abe saale … dhang se research toh kar likhne se pehle …
    kya f**t hai ..

    Or put this kind of stuff under “Arbit maxx predictions by zubin mehta” because i know you can’t stop thinkingg about such things .. :)

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