The farmer’s son

Consider a poor farmer’s illiterate son who is ignorant (on a worldly scale) and consider yourself who is this internet-savvy-white-collar-job-holder-or-something-similar. The farmer’s son does the same things everyday. He farms. That’s it. Isn’t it boring? He probably knows all about the earthworms and soil but nothing about the recession and iphone. He probably is more athletic and energetic than you but he doesn’t own the so-called-institutional-degrees. He knows everyone in his small village and too much about his farm but has probably never stepped out of his village. He walks to work or to any place he is supposed to go but has never known what is it like to travel at 500km/hr. He knows more about more animals and works closely with them but he has not gathered this information from the discovery channel. He has studied the nature closely but he doesn’t know anything about the amusement parks. He is straight-forward and has a clean heart but he is bad at being deceptive. He worships the rain god more often than anything else yet he has to work hard. He can count but he doesn’t know anything about combinatorics and number theory. He probably knows about shirts and western jeans as there is this one cloth shop in their village where they sell it but he will never know about the existence of fashion designers. He eats basic healthy food which is almost the same everyday but he will never know about the 100s of different types of cuisines all over the world. His wants are less but (as) he is poor. He knows some basic games and sports played locally but he doesn’t know about the vuvuzela.

He is hopeful of a better crop one day, when it rains and when he can see life spring out of the dead brown land. You too are hopeful of being where your boss is today (or something similar). Hope is a dangerous thing, but it is good. It is like a sweet tasting poison of some kind. But it helps the world move. We move because we hope.

Do you have problems and concerns? Do you have to save up for that new iphone version 4 launched in the market? Do you want a bigger house? Do you have to constantly climb the career ladder and earn more and more? Are you honest with yourself?

I once read this quote somewhere years ago but I kind of remember it – “I was sad because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet.”

Just answer this simple question – Are you happy?


2 thoughts on “The farmer’s son

  1. Well, nicely written post. Reflects every bit of reality. It basically is all about contentment.

    This post of yours reminded me of a scene in Harry Potter’s first movie from the series wherein he encounters the magical mirror(or something like that – I am not a HP fan) and Prof. Dumbledoor says that the mirror reflects what one ‘desires’; and he who sees himself as he is – is the happiest person in the world. :)

    • Thanks Saad. Happiness is some kind of a collective representation of a lot that happens viz. being satisfied, being successful, being enlightened, etc. Many paths lead to happiness in general because it’s a way of expressing goodness and good feelings within oneself.

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