Out of the blue

Have you come across this thought or some insight or some form of superior wisdom or some plain ideas just completely out of the blue? For the records, this thought of writing about something coming out of the blue occurred to me out of the blue. Generally speaking, it’s a property of a very active mental state, always jumping and hopping here and there. But it signifies something more, something very deep going on inside the small thing called the human brain.

I have seen this happening to me in various circumstances like when you are forced to do something you hate(like during endsems, I have been brilliantly well-connected or rather over-connected to the imaginative part of my brain during my endsems) or when you have nothing going on in your brains. Still, I did hate myself to mention those typical circumstances and kill the beauty of the random occurrence. Anyway.

Imagine your brain as a very small kid in a very big football stadium. Overwhelmed by the vastness of the surroundings, the extreme freedom and the infinite possibilities, the kid comes across some exciting thoughts. Similarly, you amidst the extensive vastness and never-ending objects can come across something which appears to come from nowhere. Here, I am not talking about the obvious excitement but I am talking about something which triggers and connects some really deep, separated far-apart neurons. Watch out, because such events are rare, as rare as the shooting star in the desert night sky, it’s orgasmic(pardon me, I need a better word for that).

These insights can be about absolutely anything. Many a times, it is about some linkages made within the brain which connects some random logically not-connected events or it can be some insight into something you knew but never understood it. Isn’t it fascinating?  Many great pure(original so to say – still I would prefer the word pure) ideas don’t come to you when you are after them, but they most certainly come to you out of the blue.

And here I was turning back at once to see if there was someone who put this little thing into me. It’s magical. Stop thinking logically(scientifically). Logic though is a good thing, might clutter your mind if you want to reach out this far. Let things go. Look at the beauty of the existence of a thing so weird and so random and yet magnificent. It’s all in that moment.


2 thoughts on “Out of the blue

  1. nice one mate..but its not perfectly rite 2 say stop thinking logically i guess:(..cos ur insights outa da blue cum only wen u provide fodder 2 ur subconcious by thinkin deliberately…seems der is a connection b/w concious n sub..surely der is beauty experienced in dat oment wen everythin bcums crystal cleat thou:)

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