Look at all the great laws, facts and equations: E = mc^2, Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, we cannot travel at a speed greater than the speed of light, humans cannot fly on their own, things thrown up return back to the ground, things don’t move within a solid, etc. Why are these our laws? Aren’t these constraints? Roughly speaking, our sciences measure constraints. Everything around us is a constraint governed by so-called laws of nature. But the important thing to note here is that constraints have resulted into existence, constraints have given rise to equilibrium, constraints have given rise to the need for adjustment and hence the capability to adjust. Constraints have given rise to beauty. The evolution reached this particular state out of the infinite possibilities and chaos because of constraints. Every problem we talk about or solve or discuss is all about constraints. The number 1 is constrained to serve as 1 until eternity. The constancy or in general the mathematical numbers which we come across in every sentence we speak is a constraint at some level. In general, all our laws and equations which equate, in-equate or compare things shows us constraints.

Humanly speaking, constraints define life. It teaches people how to survive with less and be satisfied and thus be happy or may be not. Constraints define you. If you have a car, you have different constraints and if you don’t well that’s a constraint. All our life we learn to fight against or change our constraints to a so-called better level of constraints climbing up some human-made ladders. A farmer’s constraint would be to just not send his son to a school and a millionaire’s constraint would be to just not be able to buy a private plane for himself or maybe anything else like say he can’t run because he’s either too old or he has simply forgotten what running is.

Whatever form it is in, constraints are everywhere. They are governing the entire universe in a brilliant fashion. Think beyond reality and try to think of some form of existence without constraints. I am not talking about living beings or the solar system, think about everything. What would it be like to have no constraints? Is this what they call the home of the eternal creator or GOD or intelligent design? Because the creator definitely wouldn’t(/need not) define constraints for himself(/herself/itself). Can you think of any flow, shape, size, color, solids, liquids, gases, electrons, computers, elephants, dolphins, water, oceans, birds, heat, tempertaure, light and lastl but not the least thoughts without constraints?

Constraints are beautiful :) Learn to appreciate them for if they didn’t exist things would be shapeless, tasteless, matterless, etc.


8 thoughts on “Constraints

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  2. I would like to differentiate between natural constraints and “artificial” constraints. laws of physics or math, for eg, are natural constraints. having a car on the other hand, is an artificial constraint in some sense.

    maybe “freedom” is really about having to obey as few artificial constraints as possible.

  3. Reading this, I just remembered – If you have read “Mostly Harmless” the new Guide with Unfiltered Perspective was something that had no constraints. It adjusted its form to suit the world around.

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