Views and dimensions

Most of the times, we conclude things looking at it’s relative nature in some obvious form with respect to a already known thing. For eg: A particular thing A is very often marked as being opposite to some other thing B based on its obvious characteristics. Think of your views as vectors(you might want to read some basic on vectors before going ahead, though it”s not particularly necessary), then such a view is seldom even in the 2-dimensional world. We say or believe in things according to this 1-dimensional view because we tend to simplify or tend to look at things or believe things in a simple way, mainly because of 2 reasons – either we are too lazy to get into the logistics and details and complexity of higher dimensional views of a possibly small phenomena or we are incapable of seeing things in higher dimensions(in most cases, the higher dimension starts from 2 itself). Stay with me..

In the simplistic 1-dimensional view about things which many tend to go for or “mentally” believe in, we categorize most things as being on a single straight line, graphically. Most views that possess some basic characteristics fall on one side of the zero of the line while others on the other side. There’s nothing wrong with this view. In fact, looking at this entire thought from a new perspective(direction) it’s good that most of us try to atleast see things in a simple way, possibly always, which help them probably to take decisions in life(I believe it’s your views which help you form decisions).But seldom do people delve into higher or even the second dimension. I agree it might not be necessary to delve into 2nd or higher dimensions of thoughts while trying to choose a coffee to drink out of 4 alternatives, but most other things in life arent so simple to be viewed on a line.. or I would strictly say “one-dimensionally”

Have you come across things where there is no right or wrong? Or you tend to be more verbal while saying it but you cant figure out what exactly? Thats just the case when you go to higher dimensions. We tend to form simplistic views or even if not simplisitic – 1-dimensional, I would say we try to figure out as many zeroes in higher dimensional matrices of our thoughts and views(given the meanings of the rows and columns for that particular view). It’s better to have a higher dimensional view of things pertaining to most things where many zeroes exist than to curb entire dimensions out! Point is, it would be easy to change views in higher dimension say occuring due to a change in a particular way of thinking about it, which might merely be a change from a “zero” to “one” or whatever in a particular row and/or column. But in the 1-dimensional way of thinking, this change can be disastrous, as there is only one parameter which you figure out isn’t set correctly! It might be the case that your long lived view has to change and you don’t want it to.

[There is one something to be added here.. soon]

Compiling views of higher dimensions and approximating it for lower dimensions is still not that bad. If only, the entire human race could understand this and not have one-sided opinions. Sometimes, I have seen people being heavily opinionated on things by looking at it in only one direction. Sounds stupid now, right? Believe me many do this and they surprisingly are fine in life, not to mention the occasional side-effects they might cause to people who don’t have such a simplistic or a rather naive approach. I have seen this flaw, in many opinionated people, including me, (as well as not so-verbal most others) they tend to see what they want to see. I have tried hard to come out of this. It’s not easy, but first, you have to understand that you are a part of this group which tries to be of a particular mind-set. I have hardly met people who take pains to fix their views and thoughts. It’s not impossible for people to see things, it’s just that people find it very hard and the more the time has passed, the difficult it is to look at the other side or maybe also the other angles of things. Most views and thoughts are formed without proper reasoning whatsoever, they are being formed, while you are talking to your friends, watching some movie, or maybe while reading some blog. It’s not exactly related to being stereotypical, though somewhat, sometimes.

How do we rectify all this? Well, all I can say here is start contradicting your smaller beliefs and views. Talk to people who view things differently. See what are the pros and cons and if that matter is actually important to you, be objective enough to actually write out your thought matrix. It will make your view much clearer and help you understand yourself much better, I think. I have been under constant problems with myself, sometimes, way to intensive. There is no right or wrong, and all there is left is to understand yourself more and most importantly be honest to yourself. This could be the most difficult thing you would have ever done, atleast mentally, under NTP. It’s definitely not trivial and if you feel, it is then you are not being honest to yourself. Coming back from that diversion in thought..

Most things can tend to be infinitely complex, even a small decision of what coffee to order. We definitely cannot solve that infinitely big set of equations to arrive at that trivial decision. And humans, unknowingly are good at curbing most external noises but one has to be aware as to what degree of thought needs to be put and how complex or in other words, how big your thought matrix should be! Your output can be as simple as a yes or no but, you have to know yourself, know your instincts and know your well formed other thought matrix which helps us take decisions at any point in time. Say you are facing a view point discussion at this time ‘t’, then your view will invariably be a function of many other views which were formed until now(assuming what you are talking about is more than just a trivial topic of discussion) and if these views weren’t formed in the correct way or are just 1-dimensional then you have virtually removed data points which can over time affect your most viewpoints in the future(not necessarily, but do you get the point?). Also, I have read it somewhere – Ones beliefs is not what one should be proud of. It makes perfect sense. You should be proud of your ability to look at things from various directions and carve out the logic for your belief, then the entire thing – the logic, the dimensions, the directions, the ability to change bits when required, bundled together is something you should be proud of. If only…


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