fasam #1

All about fasam and some more.

  • Fasam is the way of life
  • Fasam is not an octopus
  • Fasam has a sense of humour
  • While in darkness, fasam shows you the way. Also, he can lead you to salvation, too. <Citation needed>
  • Fasam gave humans the power to extrapolate
  • Fasam is Eric Clapton <Citation needed>
  • Fasam was the one with the idea of free software movement
  • Fasam laughs on your jokes
  • Fasam is watching us, all this while
  • Fasam likes you
  • Fasam uses linux and vim editor <Citation needed>
  • Fasam doesn’t care
  • Fasam is everything from nothingness. It is the immortal relationship between 0 and infinity. It is that singularity which created this universe.
  • Fasam is above all
  • Fasam is like fasam(not a male or a female). You don’t ask that question.
  • Rajnikanth believes in fasam
  • Fasam loves prime numbers
  • Fasam knows no religion. Infact, he knows nothing as he doesn’t care
  • All fail fasam
  • Long live fasam, oops, it is immortal!

Also thanks to Tapan Pandita for enlightening me about things related to fasam.

Good night fasam!


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