Painting recipe

In an interesting turn of events, I started painting! The best part here is – how simple, fascinating, enjoyable and satisfying this could be. And if you take my word – you can paint too. Everyone can paint. Take a brush, take some color and show your wizardry. That’s it, there is to it(atleast for the lazy skeptics).

Until now(the time of writing this post), I have made 3 paintings. I will be uploading them here as and when I make them. I have realized that I am an expressionist. But, that’s just what I am doing currently. My aim is not be a great painter and seldom do I know before hand as to what I want to make or what colours I will use. It happens in the moment. Leave your mind on that blank canvas with all the colors and let it paint.

So how do you paint? Do you feel you are a terrible painter? Are you afraid of the critiques? Do you think you are too old to paint? Is your choice of colors poor? Are you too much of a right guy that you cannot risk painting something “wrong”? Are you very busy in life? or Do you believe in photoshop?

How to get started? I started simple. Get normal drawing sheets, brushes, and a 12 color paint box.

How to paint? Well, this is the easiest part. If you have reached here, the road ahead is interesting and easy! Just sit down with those colors, brushes and the paper and start painting. That’s it. Start putting colors onto the paper the way you want. If you just don’t know what to paint, just don’t care about it and start filling the paper with colors as you please. If you want to make something that you see or make a clone of a painting you have seen online or somewhere, then just go for it. It might be the case that you pretty much suck at it, but that’s just the beginning. Keep going. If at the first go, you want to make the blue skies and mountains, you might be decently successful. If however, you want to paint Mona Lisa, go ahead but don’t expect a master piece to just come out the way it is. It might come out properly, in which case you are really good at it. If it doesn’t, paint something else, or try again. Whatever. Mostly, if you don’t complicate things too much and are free with your painting it will take 1-2 hours per painting and the value you will get out of it will be worth it.

What if someone doesn’t like your piece of work? You shouldn’t really care. This is not for them to like it. It is for you to create it. If however, someone likes it, that should be good.

What if you yourself dont like it? That’s fine. Try to analyse what don’t you like about it. Is it the colors? Is it the shape? Is it the thought that someone else didn’t like it and hence you are not liking it? After answering this, paint again. You will be glad at your instant progress.

Paint more, paint free/


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