Quantum Tunneling

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Quantum tunneling @ IIT Bombay Chemistry

All you need is a tunnel.



This is one interesting encounter with a rickshaw-waala(henceforth mentioned as RW). It’s long so read at peace, it is long but nice!

Near vikhroli station: Like always no rickshaw agreed for a ride to IITB. It was almost 15 minutes and I was tired of stopping them and seeing their face turn into some weird shape and without even uttering a word keep moving as if I was asking for a free ride. Then from nowhere a rickshaw arrives and he agrees. I was delighted, relaxed and titillated. Moments after settling in, I asked him –

ZM: Aap iit ke andar tak chaloge naa?
RW: IIT??!! (confused) mujhe lagaa yahan vikhroli mein kahin!
ZM: (WTF!)
RW: mera kya. ek aur bhaada mil gaya hai, chal lete hai :D warna mujhe yeh saamaan kahin pahoochaana tha, lekin ab yahaan rakhna pad raha hai.. khair abhi 8 hee bajey hai, baad mein chala jaaunga
ZM: (normal human courtesy dikhaate hue) arey toh saamaan yahaan peeche rakh do, koi dikkat nahi..
RW: nahi nahi – yeh bahut zaroori hai! koie leke chala gaya toh – maa ke haath ka khaana hai – UP se aaya hai – kandivli jaake laana padaa – Kandivli tak jaana pada 250 types ka bhaada laga aur aate waqt ek ko kam paiso mein vikhroli lete aaya – kya karoon jaana toh tha hee – maa ke haath khaana jo hai – ab jo yahaan milta hai woh wahaan nahi milta and jo wahaan milta hai woh yahaan kabhi nahi mil sakta..!!
ZM: haan itna toh banta hai :) (Initially, I was like why is he talking to me…I never asked him anything but then the heaviness and sincerity with which he said made a difference. It got me into thinking! Taking a right turn heading towards HN. There I had it, the road was filled with insane numbers, there I was all-alone, amidst the traffic or not?! Somewhere, I knew this journey wont be boring :p
RW: I prefer staying behind a BEST bus in such a traffic – it’s spacious you see :p
ZW: hmmm…
(He said some more things about day-to-day traffic, blah blah..)
(By now, I was sure that this RW was a loquacious guy with an opinion on almost all things around, mostly logical!)

[I had nothing to say or do so casually peeped out and I saw 2 girls 1 boy (:p) seated in the adjacent rick, one of the two was talking on phone and the other two I think was the couple(yes it is not what you are thinking :p). The two started making out mildly :p :o and I accidentally saw them, not like i wanted to see what was going. It was stupidly weird. Realising I saw them, they started staring at me and hugged each other, still looking at me. I immediately shifted to the other side of the rick and said…]

ZM: yaar yeh rickshaw waaleaate kyun nahi IIT – bhaada toh milta hai traffic hua toh bhi (just to forget what just happened)
RW: Arey mazaa nahi aata yaar chalaane mein–lagta hai galaa ghot ke chala rahey hai, gaadi ki ********* jaati hai — haath dard karne lag jaate hai and stuff (He kept on blabbering).
(Then he said something I will never forget–)
RW: Apne haath hee dekh lo, kitne tight banaye hai –
ZM: kya??
RW: arey apne haath, fir aankh lelo, peecha ka ang lelo, naak, kaan, dimaag – sab tight rehta hai….infact kamar ke neeche ka bhi dekh lo sab tight rehta hai (I was not sure, where he was going and what he wanted to say!!!) Kuch bhi lelo, sab tight banaya hai – bas yeh kamar ke upar ka 6×6 inch ka area loose banaya hai uparwaale ne. Yeh tight karte karte zindagi bitaa dete hai hum. Subah tight karo – shaam ko fir loose and shaam ko tight karo, subah fir loose – chalte rehta hai and ek din hum mar jaate hai wahin jo loose pet leke aaye the wahin leke chale jaate hai baaki sab yahin reh jaata hai!

ZM: (Arrived at the IIT main gate, I said…) “Student”
RW: kya bola aapne?
ZM: “student”
RW: accha “student” bolo toh kisi ko bhi andar aane de dete hai kya?
ZM: haan aisa hee samjho..(mild laughter)
RW: aapko yahaan admission kaise mila? merit list mein aaye honge!
ZM: nahi ek entrance exam hota hai, usme select hoke (and stuff..!)
RW: toh job toh lag hee jaati hogi??
ZM: nahi aaj kal market down hai thoda…(and uttered something disinterestedly)
RW: (Then he saw a girl and suddenly interrupted me) yahaan bhi reservation hota hai?
ZM: nahi nahi, hota hai lekin ladkiyon ke liye nahi hota (kaash hota :p)
RW: aapki shaadi ho gayi kya?
ZM: arey nahi yaar…abhi toh padh raha hoon..abhi kahaan.

I reached Hostel 3 gate. The meter read 50Rs. which was slightly higher than the normal but that was because of the traffic mainly but overall I was glad and refreshed by this discussion. I thought I will definitely blog about this guy.

So I ran back after entering the hostel to maybe ask him his name for the title of this post, but the rick had left and all i could see was MH03-AA-1447. So be it.

Theories about IITB!

Here are some arbit but true facts about the place where i have spent 3 years….

  • Suppose you generally want to disturb some people in any hostels then what you do is, go to the PA(public announcement system present in all hostels) and call “Ankit/Khandu please come to PA“. You would have disturbed like 20 people from the hostel who will rush to the PA to find nothing. And if you wanna reduce the scale of your demon plans then you may just call for Ankit Gupta; you might have disturbed only 2-3 people on an average per hostel. I am not sure but this may work for hostels 10 and 11 too….go try it out :P
  • If you “be a part” of most events going on here at IITB, you might have earned tshirts for your entire stay here and you might as well gift some of those or start your own t-shirt company with a friend who too did take part in those events.
  • Every time you walk the way to the main gate from any hostel (except 10), you will find the Dominos pizza delivery guy on the way
  • Every other guy is either a rock fan or Rimesh Heshamiya’s fan but not both. WHich one are you(if you from IITB)
  • Each hostel has one person named “pondy” beacuse this name is too easy to pronounce.
  • Every 1 of 2 IITBian holds some position of responsiblity with great responsiblity.
  • There are majorly three breeds prevalent in IITB : freshie, senior or professor
  • Finally, yes its true, everyone present here did clear jee at some point of time(conditions apply….some cleared gate etc…)

One fine night!

We were four of us – Tapan, Gondal, Gosavi and me of course coming back from Sunny restaurant situated just outside the IITB main gate. I wanted to walk and convinced the others to come along walking with me. After walking about 100 meters, Gosavi found an empty rickshaw; and he couldn’t wait stopping it. But as we started filling in it, he realized we were four and refused to take us although it would not have made any difference. I was the last one to get in. So i told them, its OK, fellas, i just wanted to walk so you three continue, i shall walk; but they at once left it saying we will find another rickshaw. Thank you friends but i really wanted to walk :P//

Now within a minute or so we found another rickshaw. He agreed taking us all four. wow!! And i was the last one to get in and hence he allowed me to sit besides me. I had always wanted to ride a rickshaw, and i mentioned it there. The rickshaw driver was a great chap and he at once left the steering panel and let me drive it. I tell u – it was awesome and yeah quite wacky. But its almost similar to driving a scooty, the only difference being this is much more stable :D//

Whoa! It was fun. I don’t know and don’t care what the three sitting behind were thinking or what the driver was thinking(he was a great guy in life for sure) or what you are thinking but yes having such a wish and getting is fulfilled is really superb.//

You may be remembered for the big thing in life associated with you but its always the small things in life that make a difference, which are remembered and carried forward//

My first ever DD :D

Currently after 5 long semesters i.e. in my sixth semester, i finally scored my first ever DD grade which in laymen terms signifies – baal baal bach gaye! It was some inorganic course named Chemistry of main group elements.

…It was 10 days since exams ended on a fine Monday evening. Suddenly Chandra Mouli Palit buzzes me and tells me that the long awaited last grade has come out. Well, then i asked him for the distribution. He said that the prof has given 2 FR’s. NOTE : i mentioned distribution and he just said 2 FR’s- this is what my image has been lately :P Well coming back to the point, i was startled and thought that this is gonna be my first ever FR//

I just hope all this was just a dream or i hope CMP was just joking to get me under pressure and there are no fail grades. With extreme courage i opened my asc account and clicked on my current semester grades link. Instantaneously the page opened and my eyes started searching for “F” but none were found. The within a moment, i realized that it was a DD.

So there were 2 people below me !!


Tshirts for the season #3

ok friends we come up with other seasonal teeshirt.
Purposes and people whom this t-shirt may serve :
1. if u dont study at all and want to show off that u do…wear this !
2. If u are seriously bugged by lotsa people during exam times for various reasons.
3. If you are in real NBD and want to pour it all out then please dont puke on your batchmate; instead wear this tee. :D
4. To seriously stop yourself from playing aoe, look at your t-shirt and convince yourself that the next game is gonna be the last this sem…also applies for counter-strike and DOTA..
5. Seriously yaar kuch nahi mugaa hai….bas t-shirt pehno aur lag jaao!!!

PS : waise maine bhi kuch nahi mugaa hai so i will go study something :)
bye junta

Ho koi bhi tyohaar, ya koi bhi ho muskil,
PCPL hamesha aapke saath, din raat !