Two tigers and a philosopher

One day a philosopher was passing through a forest. He encounters a tiger with a tiger cub calmly lying down with their chins touching the ground. The tigers see the philosopher and offer a very dumb look. The philosopher says, “Look at yourselves lying down with absolutely nothing to do, no clue of what’s going on, not good enough brains to think, leave aside thinking about thinking, merely existing.”

The tiger blinks and the cub blinks twice. He continues speaking contemptuously, “Does your species even ask questions like – why do we exist and”

The tigers ate the philosopher.



Mathematics, is a way of thinking.

Mathematics is the most superior way of thinking about something, it is more than science. It’s a “tool”, a “concept”, a “phenomena” which can unfailingly help you “think” or “model” something, anything. Although some sciences like physics, chemistry, etc. are huge, they cannot incorporate thinking about “anything” within them. In-fact these sciences, too use mathematics all the time. Mathematics, as we know today has several hundreds of branches and lots of sub-branches. If we look at it carefully, mathematics which started off as a way of counting has emerged as a lot bigger entity now. All of this was because, humans dared to understand the logistics of nature in its infinite forms using mathematics. All our mathematical branches today are just a manifestation of “some” of the problems we were/are trying to solve here. I have seldom seen examples of other specific sciences help create mathematical laws as such.

Mathematics, unlike physics doesn’t require things to follow some laws or certain template. It can even help you think about things, which can be completely untrue or non-existent. Non-existence of the entity – Constant Number 1, is not unknown to the humans. Yet, we have come so far. It is in some abstract sense a reflection of our free-will and wisdom blended together in a fantastic fashion, which cannot be very well perceived by many naive eyes. It is now way beyond everyday counting, still we may be far from anything we haven’t done yet(I know this sounds weird!), still we are on the correct path or maybe the path in this case decides what is correct.