Hostel 3

who the heck is housekeeper atmaaram? tshirt

If you are a true hostel 3 -ite, you know what i mean!

Aatmaaram has been with us, through thick and thin, from 6am to 6pm, omnipresent in all wings. We will remember him though we still fail to know who he is..
Hats off!

Other credits: Amit Chahalia (design)

PS: Mouli has got nothing to do with this tshirt idea or design. Though he claims he was a part of it, it was entirely my idea.


Tshirts for the season #3

ok friends we come up with other seasonal teeshirt.
Purposes and people whom this t-shirt may serve :
1. if u dont study at all and want to show off that u do…wear this !
2. If u are seriously bugged by lotsa people during exam times for various reasons.
3. If you are in real NBD and want to pour it all out then please dont puke on your batchmate; instead wear this tee. :D
4. To seriously stop yourself from playing aoe, look at your t-shirt and convince yourself that the next game is gonna be the last this sem…also applies for counter-strike and DOTA..
5. Seriously yaar kuch nahi mugaa hai….bas t-shirt pehno aur lag jaao!!!

PS : waise maine bhi kuch nahi mugaa hai so i will go study something :)
bye junta

Ho koi bhi tyohaar, ya koi bhi ho muskil,
PCPL hamesha aapke saath, din raat !

Tshirts for the season #2


PCPL is back with yet another seasonal tshirt.
The discounted rates are the same as for the earlier tee.

By this time its almost sure if u are going for an internship or not.
If the answer is no, stop wasting more of your time or if you are planning to fight for one now – seriously take my words you are late. No one wants you. So finally we have come up with a solution which is not time consuming and will make you feel that your are still a fighter.

If u still unclear, go see the tshirt put above. it will make sure that everyone you come across will know that you are looking for an internship and yeah desperately.

We have also come up with an innovative solution to further reduce your and the recruiters time wastage. The back side of the tshirt can be customised for free and you can have your resumes printed there so that if a person thinks of hiring you for your innovative t-shirt u are wearing u can as well show them your back !! And come on you definitely have a small resume – one of the reasons you are reading this post(no internship yet). neways…you know this is cool and awesome, so what are you waiting for, hurry up and buy some.

CEO & MD & designer & marketing head – PCPL
Also if u think i m too burdened with responsibilities then do share my load by joining PCPL and yeah i will try to pay you if at all my t-shirts sell :D

Tshirts for the season #1

Fed up of not being recognised for your poltu deeds? Want to show off your macho poltuism even though you’re not? Or you don’t have enough black tshirts already?

Then, you are at the right place! PCPL has the solutions to your needs!

Poltu companies pvt. ltd.

Our latest startup launches the poltu tshirt series… for all your PR(poltu relations) needs.

T-shirts available @ INR 250 237.45 as part of our seasonal discount rates.
Please bring exact change!

Avail special discount offers if you’re from IIT Bombay:

  • Buy 1 and get 10 votes free !!
  • Buy 2 and get 20 votes free (duh… u can do the math)
  • Buy 5 t-shirts to get license to wear these t-shirts in public without getting caught on the day..this will also include 50 votes as stated above.
  • Similarly buy n and get 10n votes free provided 10n < total number of ppl voting – number of opponents
  • Buy 100 tees and win or lose – your choice.
  • Buy 500 tees and decide the entire results. Order asap we will have to print it.
  • If you are not poltu and wanna show that u are an important person then buy 2 t-shirts and actually get blacklisted and we will make it sure that u are in.

Note :

  • We ain’t poltu.
  • You can avail only one of the above mentioned offers unless otherwise mentioned.
  • Many more designs coming soon….keep visiting this page!!

And yeah do comment – come on its the only appreciation we get :P